放電機(火花機)Discharge Machine (Sparkle Machine)
主要規格 Major Specification: mm
加工槽尺寸 Extra work trough Dimensions: 1000×580×350
工作台尺寸 Worktable Dimensions: 700x350
左右行程 Longitudinal Travel: 400
前後行程 Cross Travel: 300
上下行程 Vertical Travel: 200

工作機頭輔助行程Auxiliary Travel for Tool: 200

夾頭至工作台面距離The Distance from Clamp to Worktable: 550
最大電極數Maximum Number of Electrodes: 90
最大工作承重Maximum Load on Worktable: 800KG
We reserve the right to modify the structures, functions, dimensions, specifications, and appearances of the machine design without otherwise notifying.
電控裝置特性 The features of electrical control devices
1. 數位化操作面板及記憶模組式的加工參數設定功能。
Processing parameter setup by digital operation panel and memory mode.
2. Z軸10段自動修細加工功能。
Z axis 10 section auto-refining processing function.
3. 10個加工參數記憶模組,全自動放電條件選擇功能。
Memory modes of 10 processing parameters, auto discharge condition selecting function.
4. 斷電時,仍可記憶加工程式、加工參數及各軸的標記位置。
When power disconnected, the processing mode, processing parameter and marked position of axis still can be memorized.
5. 為觸摸式輸入鍵盤,操控敏感度佳。
Touch type key board to have excellent operational sensitivity.
6. 電極與工作物放電時之時間設定功能,可防積碳及防電極損耗。
Time setting function for electrode and working material to prevent carbon accumulated and electrode consumed.
7. 採特殊MOSFET放電迴路設計,加工速度快,電極損耗少,使表面更加光滑且不硬化。
Special MOSFET discharge circuit design to fasten processing speed, lower electrode loss and instead of harden surface, it is smooth.
8. 快速二段式伺服馬達控制及伺服跳動功能,具深孔、盲孔、側面及大面積電極加工之特性。
Fast 2- section- serve motor control and jumping function, with deep hole, blind hole, side and large area electrode processing features.
9. 控制箱內部採PC板設計,檢修容易。
PC board design adopted inside control box for easy check and fix.
10. 設有加工異常檢視裝置,液溫監視,液面控制,自動滅火設備,安全設施周全。
The safety facility is perfect by equipped examine apparatus for abnormal examination, liquid temperature monitoring, liquid level control, and auto extinguishing equipment.
機械特性 Machinery Features
1. 採用機電一體設計,結構精巧,不佔空間,廠房佈置及機器搬運方便,操作簡易,故障少,維修易,底座平面可置常用工具及電極取用方便省時。
The design integrates both mechanic and electric with exquisite structures occupying minimum space, convenient for the plant layouts and movements. The manipulation is simple, and the failure is rear, accessible for maintenance. The bottom can be stored with tools and electrodes for convenience.
2. 機台FC25鑄件,經調質與殘留應力消除處理,工作台面並經硬化處理精度穩定,耐長期使用。
The worktable is made of casting FC-25 with heat treatment eliminating the residual stress, and the surface is processed with hardened treatment grinding, which is provided with a stable precision and a durable life.
3. X.Y軸導軌採V型及平面結構設計,並黏"TURCITE-B"耐重壓、耐摩擦。X.Y軸採用滾珠螺桿傳動精度佳,摩擦係數小。
The guide tracks on X axis and Y axis are designed with V-shape and plan structure, pasted with wear-proof slice (TURCITE-B), which is able to increase the duration of heavy burdens and frictions. X axis and Y axis adopt ball spiral rods with excellent precisions and low friction factors.
4. Z軸使用瑞士SCHNEEBERGER高精度線性滑軌配合日本SANYO高靈敏度伺服馬達精度高,剛性佳。
The Z axis adopts the high precise linear track by Swiss SCHNEEBERGER and the high sensible servo-motor by Japanese SANYO, which is provided with an excellent rigidity.
5. Z軸傳動螺桿採浸油式設計,壽命長不易磨損。
A memory module can store 10 parameters for machining, with automatic selective functions for charging conditions.