Horizontal Hydraulic Miller
HKM-H-1-HXZ (左右上下油壓) xz axis Hydraulic Feed
HKM-H-1-HX (左右油壓) xz axis Hydraulic Feed
主要規格 Major Specification: mm
工作台尺寸 Worktable Dimensions: 1000x230
左右行程 Longitudinal Travel: 油壓 Hydraulic 350
前後行程 Cross Travel: 螺桿Spiral Bar 230
上下行程 Vertical Travel:
HKM-H-10G-HX: 螺桿Spiral Bar 320
HKM-H-10G-HXZ: 油壓Oil pressure 70 + 螺桿Spiral shells 190

橫軸轉速,段數 RPM, Steps(60HZ): 76-1130 RPM, 6 段Steps

橫軸錐孔 Horizontal spindle taper: NT30
橫主軸中心至伸出臂面距離Horizontal spindle center to over arm bottom: 130
橫主軸中心至工作台面距離Horizontal spindle center to table surface: 44-364
橫主軸最大刀具直徑Horizontal max tool diameter: O250
橫主軸馬達 Horizontal motor:2HP
冷卻系統Coolant pump:1/8HP
機械重量(淨重)Net weight:9 00kgs
機械尺寸Measurement:1150 *1300*1500

機床規格尚有Available Specifications
HKM-H-1 臥式銑床Horizontal Miller
HKM-H-1-XP 臥式左右POWERFEED銑床 Horizontal x axis POWERFEED Miller
HKM-H-1-XHP 臥式左右強力進刀銑床 Horizontal x axis Powerful Feeding Miller
HKM-H-1-HX 臥式左右油壓進給銑床 Horizontal x axis Hydraulic Feeding Miller
HKM-H-1-HX(V) 臥式左右虎鉗油壓進給銑床 Horizontal x axis Vise Hydraulic Feeding Miller
HKM-H-1-HXZ 臥式左右上下油壓進給銑床 Horizontal x axis Upward-Downward Hydraulic Feeding Miller
HKM-H-1-HXZ(V) 臥式左右上下虎鉗油壓進給銑床Horizontal x axis Upward-Downward Vise Hydraulic Feeding Miller
HKM-H-10G-HX 左右油壓 x axis Hydraulic
HKM-H-10G-HXZ 左右上下油壓 x axis Upward-Downward Hydraulic
HKM-H-10G-HXZV 左右上下虎鉗油壓 x axis Upward-Downward Vise Hydraulic
We reserve the right to modify the structures, functions, dimensions, specifications, and appearances of the machine design without otherwise notifying.
1. 銑床橫銑採高剛性齒輪設計,模數2.5厚度20㎜,並經熱處理研磨,精度高,噪音小,刀桿扥架採針狀軸承支撐,同心度佳,除低速重切削外,尚可高速高馬力之軟金屬重切削,如銅鋁、材質之散熱片切削。
The design for horizontal milling adopts high-rigid gears with module number 2.5 and thickness 20 mm processed with heat treatment, which is provided with high precision and low noise. Supported by the needle bearing, the spindle bracket is provided with excellent concentricity. In addition to heavy whittling with low speed, it can also be used on the soft metal heavy whittling with high speed and high power, such as whittling the thermal foils made of copper, aluminum, and similar materials.
2. 機台為FC-25鑄件,經調質與殘留應力消除處理,台面並具硬化處理研磨,精度穩定,使用壽命長。
The worktable is made of casting FC-25 with heat treatment eliminating the residual stress, and the surface is processed with hardened treatment grinding, which is provided with a stable precision and a durable life.
3. 銑床油壓自動設計,油路規劃整齊美觀,除屑清理容易,主軸、工作台、夾具、冷卻,設有局部或全部自動啟閉,安全性高,操作簡易,一人可操作數機,進退刀速率快,可省工時、提高產能、降低成本,並可依顧客加工需求作整體的設計規劃承製。
The milling machine is provided with an automatic hydraulic system with the neat tubing configuration, which enables the debris easy to be cleaned up. The partial complete automatic on-off setting installed on spindle, worktable, jigs, cooling provide high security and simple manipulation. A worker can manipulate several machines at the same time. The rate of tool charging and discharging is fast to save manhours, increase productions, and reduce costs. We also configure the integral design in accordance with customers' requirements.
4. 適合縫紉機、五金工具、鞋模、鐘錶、汽機車、電子、散熱片或其他金屬零件之加工。
Applicable to the machining for sewing machines, hardware tools, shoe's molding, timepieces, automobiles, electronics, thermal foils, or other metal parts.