立式銑床 Vertical Miller
主要規格 Major Specification: mm
工作台尺寸 Worktable Dimensions: 1270x254
左右行程 Longitudinal Travel: 820
前後行程 Cross Travel: 400

上下行程 Vertical Travel: 420

立軸轉速,段數 Vertical spindle RPM, Steps(60HZ): 170~5440, RPM 6 段
主軸錐孔 Vertical spindle taper: R8(NT30價格另計priced per options)

機床規格尚有Available Specifications
Vertical 3V x axis POWERFEED Feeding Miller
HKM-3V-XHP 立式3V左右強力進給銑床
Vertical 3V x axis Powerful Feeding Miller
We reserve the right to modify the structures, functions, dimensions, specifications, and appearances of the machine design without otherwise notifying.
1. 立銑頭主軸材質採SCM4,主軸套管鍍硬鉻,蝸輪及各項銅製零件皆採特級磷青銅,經嚴謹精密研磨加工處理製造、主軸軸承經間隙消除調整組裝,確保主軸穩固精度。可手動、微調及自動進給,適用於鉆、銑、搪等綜合加工之切削。
The vertical milling spindle is made of SCM4 with the sleeve plated with HCr. The worm gears and various copper parts are made of phosphor bronze with strictly accurate grinding processes. The spindle bearing is assembled and adjusted with clearance eliminating to ensure the spindle's rigid precision, applicable to various machining processes, such as drilling, milling, and boring with manual, trimming, and automatic feeding.
2. 機台為FC-25鑄件,經調質與殘留應力消除處理,台面並具硬化處理研磨,精度穩固,使用壽命長。
The worktable is made of casting FC-25 with heat treatment eliminating the residual stress, and the surface is processed with hardened treatment grinding, which is provided with a stable precision and a durable life.
3. 工作台進給可手動,亦可加裝普通進刀器,強力型進刀器或油壓進給,依客戶需求而訂製。
The feeding of work table can be manual. Normal feeder, powerful feeder, and hydraulic feeder are available upon customers’ requirements.
4. 適合縫紉機、五金工具、鞋模、鐘錶、汽機車、電子、散熱片或其他金屬零件之加工。
Applicable to the machining for sewing machines, hardware tools, shoe's molding, timepieces, automobiles, electronics, thermal foils, or other metal parts.